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Organic Spray Tanning

The Sun Cocktail Spray Tan is a tanning technique that uses organic botanicals and DHA's to promote anti-aging and great colour. The colour is applied with a spray tanning airbrush machine that controls the application colour, temperature and fan. It is applied inside a tent. A primer/toner containing witch hazel is first applied to prolong the colour and ensure even application. It is applied in strokes on each angle of the body. After two coats of colour and one coat of primer are applied the client will dry off using the attached fan. The tan usually lasts 7-10 days depending on the after care taken. Excessive showering and rubbing and not moisturizing will fade it much faster. There are different levels of pigment as well as a rinse off bronze and a toning spray tan containing coffee and green tea extracts which has been known to tone the skin. Exfoliating and shaving prior to getting your spray tan will help ensure an even and gorgeous colour.